Thursday, November 24, 2011

So it begins...

My name is Marta Bogdanowicz and I am really a beginner, who has previously used GNOME only occasionally. Even for me, it is hard to believe that few months ago, I worked in some library, somewhere in Poland. However it has changed. I have decided to move to Germany, for the person I love. Since August I have been living in Berlin.

Another new thing in my life - Fedora 16. Since September I have been using this distribution and getting to know GNOME 3. You may say: "what's the big deal?". Well, for me it is. I used to use mainly Windows and occasionally Ubuntu. My first impression was: I like the look (such a feminine point of view, I know). I really like the way of changing applications via moving cursor to the top left corner. I also appreciate the possibility of searching for application just by writing its name or function. It is really convenient. Unfortunately, there is also one downside of GNOME 3 for me - bottom toolbar popping up every time, when cursor come close to it. It drives me crazy! Am I the only person complaining about this? Or is it only the matter of getting used to?

Installing Fedora was the first step. When I heard about GNOME Outreach Program for Women, I asked Kat to be my mentor. She agreed and I prepared my application for it: luckily, I was chosen to be one of the participants. :) In my opinion, the idea of this program is great. It gives the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and contribute, even in a tiny way, to the development of GNOME. My way for this is writing documentation. Thus far it gives me pleasure and satisfaction. I am learning to use git and Mallard under the watchful eye of Kat. She supports me and keeps helping me every time I need it. 

She also teaches me proper British English, shows some good tea sorts and tells many things about fishes. Well, definitely not scary. ;)