Thursday, January 12, 2012


File Roller help in Mallard is almost ready. I attached patch with two last pages on GNOME Bugzilla and now I'm waiting for revision of the whole help. :)

Meanwhile I am looking on Totem Movie Player and planning further work.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Documentation workflow

This post was supposed to be published before Christmas - I prepared it in Berlin and then went on holiday to Poland. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sit and work during my holiday, so I publish it now, without any changes.  It describes documentation workflow.

First step is always to choose what to do. I talked to my mentor, Kat, and decided to re-write File Roller help in Mallard. It seemed to be a good idea, because this application is not big or particularly complicated. I started my work before OPW started, because I wanted to have Christmas holiday.

Second thing - as I got to know, very, very important - is to plan the work. I took a look at GNOME Archive Manager and tried to think the sections of help and its content. Of course, some changes appeared in this plan, but still, it is way much easier, where such draft exist.

What's next? Just start writing. Page after page I get to know Mallard better. I use this markup's website and GNOME GIT source code repository, to gain all necessary information. I often write some pages, think they are ready, show them Kat, she approves them, and few days later I discover something new, what looks way much better, so I change everything all over again.

I use git to control my local repository. I am reading still Scott Chacon's book: Pro Git - it describes this version control system step by step and is really useful, however I still do not feel confident with all git commands. And here, I would like to thank again Dave and Krzemek, for rescuing me from my "git troubles". :)

For the file-roller task I am working with GNOME Bugzilla. When the new patch is ready, I attache it here. I have already applied for my git account. In some time I will be able to push the changes on my own. 

This is how my File Roller help looks like: